Board of Directors

Nancy Tice, President

Raphaelle Silver, Vice President

Shira Burns, Treasurer

Jennifer Rent, Secretary

Polo Jean-Louis

Sandra Monfiletto

Carolyn Slocombe

Sarah Snowman

Susan Rice


The Board of Directors of SARSSM is a governing and working board which is responsible for the determination of policy, and is accountable for the organization’s fiscal, legal, ethical and program activities. Currently, the SARSSM Board of Directors is comprised of a range of community leaders, including medical personnel, social workers, law enforcement officials, and survivors. The responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Knowing and supporting the Mission/Vision of the agency

  • Developing a working knowledge of SARSSM as an agency
  • Developing a working knowledge of sexual assault issues
  • Identifying and recruiting Board members
  • Participating actively in Fundraising (i.e. the Chocolate Lovers’ Fling, annual and holiday campaign, etc.)
  • Increasing SARSSM’s visibility in the community and ability to interpret SARSSM’s work
  • Determining policies with an understanding and skill in decision-making
  • Encouraging, supporting, and appreciating the other Board members in their efforts to live out these responsibilities
  • Participating in committee work
  • Being prepared for Board and committee meetings
  • Attending stated meetings – if unable to attend, call administrative office
  • Informing the appropriate person(s) at the earliest possible time if unable to complete an assignment
  • Hiring and working collaboratively with the Executive Director and through the personnel committee
  • Evaluating the Executive Director’s performance on an annual basis
  • Evaluating SARSSM’s programs, efforts and effectiveness on an annual basis
  • Reviewing agency By-laws and policies every 2-3 years to ensure legal compliance and making revisions as needed