Our Staff

SARSSM operates with a dynamic and passionate staff to meet the mission of the agency.  Currently we are staffed with 7 full-time employees and  2 part time employees who bring with them years of experience in the field of violence prevention and victim advocacy. 


  • Melanie Sachs, Executive Director | melanie [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Rosie DiBella, Program Manager, Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) | rosie [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Jessica Bedard, SART Advocate | jess [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Whitney Adell, SART Advocate | whitney [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Bridget Mancini, Program Coordinator for Advocate and Outreach Services | bridget [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Devon Mulligan, Program Manager, Prevention Education | devon [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Valerie Johnstone, Prevention Educator | val [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Rebecca Turkewitz, Prevention Educator | rebecca [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Anissa Tanksley, Child Forensic Interviewer | anissa [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Zoe Jones, Family Services Coordinator, Cumberland County Children’s Advocacy Center | zoe [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Molly Louison, Program Manager, Children’s Advocacy Center of York County | molly [at] sarsonline [dot] org
  • Molly Donlan, Family Advocate, Children’s Advocacy Center of York County | mollyd [at] sarsonline [dot] org