Middle School

MiddleBullying & Harassment Prevention

Grades 4 - 5

This program uses role plays, realistic scenarios, and games to help students recognize bullying and harassment around them and be empowered to intervene when they see it happening.

 “After SARSSM came, I felt like I could tell my teacher that I was getting bullied on the playground.”

45 – 60 minutes


Cyber Harassment Prevention

Grade 5 – Post Secondary

Through age appropriate scenarios and interactive activities, this program educates students on how to be safe on the internet. It reminds students of the importance or respectful communication online and offline.

45 – 60 minutes


Sexual Harassment Prevention

Grades 6 – 8

Through interactive activities and real-life scenarios, this program addresses gender stereotyping and the difference between flirting and sexual harassment. Students learn to identify language and behaviors that contribute to sexual harassment and options for intervening if they witness it in their school.

“I was surprised to realize how much we believe the stereotypes when they aren’t even true.”

60 – 90 minutes


Media Literacy

Grade 7 – Post Secondary

This fun and interactive program helps students identify ways the media increases our cultural tolerance for sexualized violence by making it seem normal and acceptable. This program teaches students to become critical consumers of the media.

60 – 90 minutes


Sexual Assault Prevention

Grade 8 – Post Secondary

This interactive program addresses respectful communication and active consent while students participate in role plays and discussion about consent vs. sexual assault. Students leave class knowing how to safely intervene in behaviors that lead to sexual assault. They also learn how to support a friend who might be a victim, and how to connect to school resources and community organizations.

90 minutes