SART (Sexual Assault Response Team)

Providing Care

What is a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) advocate?

A SART advocate is a sexual assault support center staff member who is also a member of the local Sexual Assault Response Team. They can provide support and information to survivors of sexual violence and concerned others as they go through the criminal justice system.  

To ensure a compassionate, unified, and informed response to sexual assault, we bring together interdisciplinary teams consisting of law enforcement, health care providers, advocates, and prosecutors.  




SART advocates can provide

  • accompaniment to health care
  • accompaniment to law enforcement and legal appointments
  • telephone support
  • case management, including resources identification and referrals
  • advocacy with other social service providers.


We provide consistent, long term support throughout the client’s healing process. By working with one advocate throughout the process, this eliminates any need to repeat one’s story of trauma each time the client wants to access services.

We arrange for release forms that clients sign which enable us to make referrals and act as a liaison between the client and their other providers. Also, we can assist with obtaining information about a client’s case from medical providers, law enforcement and the district attorney’s office. This can relieve a huge burden from a client’s shoulders. We do not give legal advice, but can provide free lawyer consultations through our partner at Pine Tree Legal Associates. SART services are available until the client feels that they no longer need them.

By working as a county team, we are joining SARTs across the state and country to improve the system's response to victims of sexual assault. We currently have SARTs in Cumberland and York Counties. Would you or your agency be interested in joining our team? infosars [at] sarsonline [dot] org (Click here) to email us.


Download and view or share our SART Brochure here.